Perhaps a Professional Certification is the Best Way Forward?


Certification Pays

Today’s employers are looking for more than just a college degree. They need highly trained people with specialized skills in areas such as Project Management, Systems Administration and Applications Development. Studies show that job seekers who earn professional certifications increase their salaries an average of 12 percent. Data proves that both employers and employees see a clear, positive career impact for those who get certified in their field.  Whether you have some college experience or none, connects you to the value of certification, putting these high-paying jobs within your reach.

The Right Credential For You

More than three million people earn a professional certification each year. Individuals just like you who know that career success depends on having unique credentials that will help you standout in a crowded employment marketplace. Yet the opportunities for certification are so plentiful it can be overwhelming. takes the guesswork out of finding the certification that’s right for you. The organizations we recommend offer certifications that are reputable, attainable and open doors in a competitive job search.  We’re also working to develop new credentials that will help you stand out.

Boost Earning Potential Today connects you to certifications in some of today’s most in-demand industries including accounting, business, information technology, and healthcare. Obtaining the career and technical education (CTE) skills needed to apply for a job and advance in the workplace can help you earn a salary as high as $95,000 much faster than otherwise. Certifications also give you the power to negotiate for premium skills pay no matter where you are in your career or on the pay scale.  When you get a certification from, you’ll have access to a digital badge, which allows you to share your achievement with recruiters digitally.

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