The Company was founded on the principle that individuals can demonstrate their mastery of skills and knowledge by taking competency-based tests and earning credentials, certifications and badges. partners with innovative organizations that offer credit-by-examination, online courses for college credit, credit for internships and work experience, and certifications that have proven value in the marketplace for jobs.

We envision a future where everyone has the ability to prove their competencies in multiple ways — in the classroom, online, in the workplace, or in the lab — regardless of race, gender, geography or financial wherewithal. We aim to empower our students with innovative options that dramatically reduce the cost of “proving your credentials” and thereby improve student lives.

What are Credentials?

A credential is a symbol of competencies you’ve learned or a complex skill you’ve mastered. takes that concept one step further, enabling you to validate your learning, skills and achievements in a manner that earns you real college credit or certification.

iStock_000001554503XSmallAt we believe in a 21st century higher education system that encourages and enables students to combine learning, skills, work experience and validated competencies from multiple institutions and providers. When you can combine multiple credentials from different educational, testing and certification providers, you can tell a more complete story of your achievements — both online and off.

Once you’ve earned credentials through, you should proudly display the .Me logo on the web and on your resume — for employment, education or lifelong learning.