Database Administrator

Database AdministratorIf you are excited by working with digital information, a rapidly-growing career as a database administrator may feed your data desire.

The U.S. Department of Labor states that database administrators are responsible for making sure that the company’s computer database runs smoothly. This entails creating and managing the database, in addition to making revisions and performing tests when necessary. Database administrators also work to prevent security breaches and data loss, says the Department of Labor.

Why It’s Taking Over: “With the explosion of digital information, database administrators, particularly in SQL Server and Oracle, are essential to protecting company information from digital security threats,” says Merritt.

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The Department adds that the rise of electronic medical records will also spur demand for database administrators working in the health care industry. Additionally, the Department  notes that database administrators are in high demand because there is simply a shortage of qualified workers in the field.

Education Options: To pursue a career as a database administrator, you may need a bachelor’s degree in management information systems or a computer-related field, according to the Department. Companies with large databases may prefer those with an MBA.