Healthcare continues upward trend when it comes to the jobs market

Okay, so you’re mother was the one who told you to look into hospital jobs. In many ways, mothers are all the same. And sometimes they’re right.

Be a nurse, they say. But nurses are the tip of the iceberg in hospital jobs today. Hospital jobs comprise everything from Medical Assistant to Physician’s Assistant and then some. And the hospital jobs arena is experiencing a boost in demand, especially for certain occupations, as a result of the Affordable Care Act, according to Jobs for Physician’s Assistants alone are projected to increase 27 percent by 2016. helps you navigate the process for entering the growing – and changing – health care industry. The American Medical Association’s Health Care Careers Directory lists information about more than 80 careers in health care and 8,400 accredited educational programs in those health care fields. More than 80!

More than 16 million Americans work in health care – that’s one in every eight people – with 419 different occupations, and multiple levels of certifications, and salaries that range from $30,000 to more than $150,000 and higher for Medical Doctor or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.

One of the reasons health care is a popular sector is because there are so many choices and a quarter of a million hospital jobs added each year. But you have to make smart choices from the start. Find out which courses you need to take and what certifications and degrees you need to earn, as well as how you can save money when you test for credit.

So your mother was right. Darn! Here are just a few of the most common hospital jobs.

Phlebotomist ($30,247) Registered Nurse ($69,493)
Medical Assistant (Median Income $31,565) Nurse Practitioner ($94,054)
Certified Nursing Assistant ($31,134) Physicians Assistant ($91,633)
Licensed Practical Nurse ($41,966) Primary Care Physician ($180,748)

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