Internet Marketing Certifications

What does every organization need? Well, with 2.4 billion people online, every organization – whether it’s private, nonprofit or public – needs an engaging online presence. That’s pretty clear. And who’s going to provide that?

Internet marketers, that’s who.

And how will they do it?

Until now, a college degree was the only pathway to a successful career in marketing. And while you can still earn a degree in marketing, technology is changing so quickly the best way to learn internet marketing is through experience and, increasingly, certification programs.

As the online marketing sector continues to grow, it’s constantly producing new sub-specialties – can you say social media! – and jobs will open to serve those specialties.

Recognized globally, Google certifications are, of course, the standard by which all other certification programs will be measured.

Google has three separate tracks:

  • Google Analytics is comprised of an in-depth, step-by-step curriculum that prepares you for the Google Analytics IQ test. The Google Analytics certification is available to anyone who passes the test.
  • Google Adwords Certification Program includes two certification exams for illustrating practical expertise in managing accounts, and agreement to terms and conditions of representing Google AdWords. Answer questions like:  What is Google Adsense?
  • Google Apps for Education Certification requires six exams and is an official “stamp of approval” from Google, and gives you access to additional marketing support, training opportunities, and business visibility in the Google Apps marketplace.

Good news for Internet Marketing: “Advertising, promotions and marketing will continue to be essential for organizations as they seek to maintain and expand their share of the market,” according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Boost your clients’ website conversion rates and profitability or position yourself to take advantage of a job market with growth written all over it by learning internet marketing through certification.

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