How do I get college credit for my internship?

The majority of colleges and universities have programs to help students get credit for summer internships – but its not always easy to figure out the system.

An internship that earns college credit towards graduation usually combines academic coaching and advising with relevant work experience and written reports. If an internship is clerical or mechanical, you may not be able to get college credit for it. Some colleges don’t give credits for any internships or only to juniors and seniors.

Our advisors at are experts at helping students navigate the system and get college credit for their summer internship. Sometimes this involves helping you tailoring your job description to be more credit-worthy and designing academic assignments that you’ll need to complete to prove you’ve learned during the internship. Step-by step, here’s how it works:

  1. First we connect with your college to learn their policies for awarding academic credit for internships. Generally, internships for college credit require cooperation between the company and an academic sponsor to oversee the internship, ensuring that the internship experience meets your college’s academic standards.
  2. Then we’ll find you an academic sponsor. Sometimes your academic sponsor will be a member of your University’s faculty and sometimes they’ll be a professor from an accredited college or university who works for Credential.Me.
  3. Each college has its own unique policy. Credits can range from 3 credits to as many as 12, depending on how many hours you work at your internship. The amount of knowledge learned may also affect the number of credits you receive.
  4. Based on your university’s policies, we then help you prepare documentation that summarizes your internship. This means that both you and your supervisor will need to complete online forms and assignments based on the nature of your internship. Sometimes this involves helping your employer improve your job description to be more credit-worthy. You may also be asked to keep a journal and write a paper at the end of the internship about what you learned.
  5. Payment. Credential.Me only charges $99 to help you find an advisor and document your internship, but some schools may require you to also pay per credit hour for your summer internship, while others will let your roll the cost into the regular fall college tuition. Part of our service is to give you professional advice regarding the best path for you, based on the unique idiosyncrasies of your particular college or university.
  6. Get the maximum of credits for your internship(s). Some schools or majors limit the number of internship credits you can earn to ensure that you leave room for all the required academic courses. We help you get the most credits possible, and give you advice all along the way to help you advance your career goals and strengthen your resume.

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