Project Management Certifications

The Value of Project Management Professional Certification

Today’s fast-paced workplace values Project Management Professionals (PMP), individuals who go the extra mile to receive the training and certification needed to organize and execute projects in the face of a demanding global market. A PMP credential shows your employer you’re serious about your career and that you have the skills to advance yourself and your organization.

Almost 500,000 people worldwide have a PMP certification. Research conducted by The Project Management Institute (PMI), the prestigious entity that bestows PMP certification, shows that PMP-certified project managers reported a $10,000 salary advantage over non-PMP-certified project managers.

Who Needs a PMP credential?

The answer is simple: just about anyone. We work in a project-based world, so the ability to effectively manage many moving parts such as budgets, people and tasks, is essential to corporate success. While anyone in project management will obviously benefit from a credential that validates their skills, a PMP certification is important for anyone looking to improve their effectiveness in their role or hoping to climb that ladder to a project management position.

What comes after PMP certification?

Also simple: another certification! PMI, for example, offers six different credentials. If you’ve already obtained a certification, continuing education ensures that your skills stay on the leading edge while showing your employer your commitment to excellence in your field.

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